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Nasiol MetalCoat F2 Spray Nano Ceramic Coating, Quick Auto Detailing Kit with Gloves and Microfiber, Surface Scratch Paint Protection for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Car Care Kit…

The easiest way of treating a vehicle to ceramic coating for cars ; especially for enthusiasts and time-savvy detailers. Simply spray it onto the surface and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth until you achieve full gloss. That is how easy it is to apply MetalCoat F2 car care products!

MetalCoat F2 – ceramic detail spray can be applied to all the painted surfaces of a vehicle. With its easy-to-apply design, it can be perfect for rims, headlights, and piano blacks of a car, except matte surfaces.

MetalCoat F2 detailing spray can be used as a stand-alone ceramic coating solution, or as a topcoat on ZR53 or NL272. It is recommended to refresh the base ceramic coat.

Like with other Nasiol ceramic spray coating products, only one coat of application is enough to achieve the highest performance and long-lasting durability.

The product comes with a nano spray for cars that includes everything you need for the application: a pair of gloves, a bottle of MetalCoat F2, a spray head, and a microfiber cloth.


Nasiol Metalcoat F2 Auto Nano Ceramic Coating Spray Specifications

Volume:           50 ml

Application surface type: Automotive paint, plastic, metal

Durability: 1 year / 50

Washings Normal conditions

-20°C to +35°C, pH<12 detergent

6 months / 30

Washings: Heavy conditions

-40°C to +40°C, pH>12 detergents

Hardness: 7H

Consumption:   5-8 ml/m2

Coating Thickness:        200-300 nm

Water Repellency:         Yes

Oil Repellency:              Yes

Temperature durability:            275°C

Chemical resistance:     12>pH>1

Shelf life:

1 year without opening the bottle,

1 w after opening the bottle

Keeping conditions:     -3°C to +30°C

Curing period:  24 h

Box includes:   20 pieces

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Carton, Piece


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