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NASIOL LEATHERBOOST –  Premium Leather Protection

Nasiol LeatherBoost is a transparent Nano protection product that can be applied to genuine and artificial leather surfaces, preventing paint transfer and ensuring minimal wear. By bringing water and oil repellency to the surface, it prevents the surface from showing dirt and stains and provides protection against color fading caused by the sun and leather deformation that can occur over time. Nasiol LeatherBoost will help you to extend the life of and protect the surface against chemicals and UV rays.


Where Should I Use the Leather Protection?

  • Genuine and artificial leather surfaces of vehicles such as cars, yachts, boats and trains
  • Genuine and artificial leather surfaces such as furniture, sofas, carpets in your house
  • Genuine and artificial leather surfaces of your personal belongings



  • Genuine leather: 35-45 mL / m²
  • Artificial leather: 30-40 mL / m²


Nasiol LeatherBoost Application Tips:

✓ The surface must be completely free of dirt and dust and must be dry

✓ The application should be done in a well-ventilated environment.

✓ The product should be applied to the surface with an applicator pad.

✓ Allow the surface to dry for 12 hours for effectiveness.


Clean the application surface of stains, such as oil, dirt, dust, water. Gently shake the product bottle before use. Pour the product from the standard Nasiol LeatherBoost bottle onto the applicator pad and spread it homogeneously to the surface. Make sure that there are no dry areas. Allow the surface to dry for 12 hours for full effectiveness. If any residue remains on the surface after drying, rub the product into the surface with a dry cloth. In case of an accidental application to surfaces other than the specified ones, the surface should be wiped off immediately with a clean and lint-free microfiber cloth.

Features Table

Volume: 500 mL

Application surface type: Artificial and genuine leather

Durability: Up to 9 months

Temperature resistance: 150°C

Chemical resistance : 11>pH>1

Coating thickness: ~ 75-100 nm

Water repellency: √

Oil repellency: √

Breathability: √

Shelf life: 2 years,  1 month after first use

Storage conditions: Between -3°C and +30°

Curing time: 12 hours

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Carton, Piece


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