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Nasiol Homewood protects your wooden goods – wooden home and garden furnitures, doors, windows and other natural wooden surfaces.  – from water and stain, prolongs lifetime.


Surface should be clean of any dust, dirt, oil or water.

Application area should be ventilated well.

Surface is sprayed on one square meter 160-220 times until becomes slightly wet.

Nasiol Homewood  Curing period is 24 hours.

Nasiol Homewood Water Resistant Spray Specifications

Volume                150 ml

Application surface type               Home natural wooden parts

Durability             Up to 6 months

Consumption     40-60 ml/m2

Coating thickness             ~60-70 nm

Water repellency             Yes

Oil repellency                     Yes

Breathability                      Yes

Temperature durability 110° C

Shelf life              2 years

Keeping conditions         -3°C to +30°C

Curing period     24 h

Box includes       16 pieces

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