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Nasiol Glasshield Water repellent spray for marine glasses

Protection and tough repellency against the elements for the glass of your boats!

  • Contributes to safety even in rainy conditions because boat windows are always clear, no saltwater stains that diminish views.
  • Water drops slide right off, leaving no residue on your windows
  • Nasiol Glasshield Marine dramatically increases visibility–better than new, better than waterproof waxes, this is nano coating at its best!
  • Your boat’s glass surfaces are all kept to a high polish, new-looking and easy to clean.
  • UV protection and stain-free effect–rust stains from runoffs, acid rain, bird droppings, all repelled.
  • Works for glass and mirror surfaces–the most hard-to-clean areas in your boat. Not anymore!

How to apply Nasiol Glasshield marine?

  1. Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil or water.
  2. Application should be made in a shade area.
  3. Surface should be sprayed around 25 times for one square meter.
  4. Surface should be buffed immediately with dry cotton cloth.
  5. Nasiol Glasshield Marine Curing time is 24 h.

Additional information


Carton, Piece


1.7 oz


50 ml

Application surface type

Yacth glass and windows


2 years / 20000 miles

Temperature durability


Chemical resistance



5 ml/m2

Coating thickness

75-80 nm

Water repellency


Oil repellency


Salty water icing vision


Shelf life

2 years

Keeping conditions

-3°C to +30°C

Curing period

24 h

Box includes

25 pieces


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